Student Programs

A variety of student programs encourage and support students to develop additional and advanced skills.

Youth Action

The Youth Action Project is run in conjunction with Monash University. It empowers students to create change and make a difference.

Students identify barriers that prevent people from participating in physical activity within the school and their community.

Through thorough research, surveys and interviews students generate ideas to break down the barriers that inhibit movement. The culmination of this project is when students present to various stakeholders who can assist them in creating change.

This project provides our students with a framework for creating change, connecting them with the wider community and empowering them to make a difference.

Monash University – Schools Access Monash [SAM Program]

A partnership arrangement between Monash University and 澳门彩历史开奖号码 supports the educational aspirations of students from the City of Greater Dandenong.

As part of this agreement, senior students are provided with free exam revision lectures.

A second program titled 鈥楬ands On Health鈥, sponsored by the Monash University Health Sciences faculty offers support and practical assistance for students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine and Health Sciences.

Study Groups

Homework Club provides learning opportunities outside of the traditional class setting where academic achievement and success are the common goals of the attendees.

The Homework Club provides a casual and relaxed learning environment with access to material resources, personalised tuition and opportunities to use and explore various flexible learning environments to cater for individual or group needs.

Attendance is voluntary, promoting a positive and uplifting atmosphere for all staff, students, and tutors.