STEM program

The advanced STEM education program develops skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Available at Acacia and Banksia campuses, the curriculum is geared towards practical experiences, developing STEM skill and achieving better VCE results for University entry.

STEM subjects includes

Physical, chemical and biological

Information and engineering 鈥 modelling, designing and programming

Physical design, construction and practical application

Advanced and Methods

Extensive resources include

  • two dedicated STEM centres
  • state-of-the-art science teaching labs
  • technology and engineering design and build facilities
  • a team of specialist teachers
  • a rich variety of theoretical and practical studies
  • industry and university involvement.

STEM is a 澳门彩历史开奖号码 select entry program involving technology in schools.

Students completing Year 9 who show a proclivity for Mathematics and Science must also complete the entrance exam successfully.

The STEM program offers a pipeline to University studies in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering.Both the 澳门彩历史开奖号码 Acacia and Banksia campuses provide a STEM program, with dedicated classes for around 20 students, at each campus.

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is geared towards achieving better VCE results and providing practical and tangible experiences to help senior students identify and work towards University courses in their areas of interest.

How does STEM work?

The College provides an extensive range of resources including two dedicated STEM centres, involving state-of-the-art Science teaching labs, Technology and Engineering design and build facilities.

STEM includes a team of dedicated specialist teachers, providing a rich variety of theoretical and practical studies that include industry and University involvement.

Practical and hands-on projects involve VIC Roads Civil Engineering, National Science, Mathematics and Technology competitions.

Why has 澳门彩历史开奖号码 created an Advanced STEM program?

澳门彩历史开奖号码 Advanced STEM provides a dedicated Science and Technology program for students growing up in the south-east of Melbourne.

The area is characterised by middle to lower socio-economic communities and the 澳门彩历史开奖号码 STEM program can make a real difference to the future of many students.

STEM offers to enhance their interests and abilities, provide a leg up into highly regarded University courses, and open the door to a lifelong pathway in Science and Mathematics -related industries and employment.

What University course requirements will STEM satisfy?
澳门彩历史开奖号码 STEM provides a pathway to numerous University Science and Engineering courses including but not limited to: Medical Science and Biomedicine, Engineering, Computer Science and Biological Science.

Are there examples of successful STEM programs?

Yes. 澳门彩历史开奖号码 has established links with leading international STEM programs in the UK including York University, and secondary schools in the York region.

Locally, 澳门彩历史开奖号码 is working with Monash University on reciprocal arrangements to enhance the program and involve University Masters, and undergraduate pre-service teachers.